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The SelfDecode affiliate program connects your site visitors to selfdecode.com, a reputable DNA analysis site for health suggestions based on genes. SelfDecode is your customers’ one-stop shop for their entire health. With AI technology, SelfDecode analyzes the customer’s DNA to provide personalized recommendations to optimize their health.

This program is geared towards all individuals in search of a complete DNA test kit that will not only provide them with ancestry history but also help improve their health.

SelfDecode Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • Commissionable Tests – Earn commission per sale at selfdecode.com
  • Alluring Banner Creatives – Large, colorful banners highlight SelfDecode’s personalized services and affordability
  • Highly Praised by Media Outlets – SelfDecode has been featured on Forbes, PBS, and other reputable media platforms for its innovative services and effectiveness

How Can You Benefit from This?

SelfDecode believes that knowing one’s genetic makeup is essential for optimal health. By promoting the SelfDecode affiliate program, your patrons will discover a health DNA kit designed to analyze their DNA and give them information on their personal genetic predispositions in different health areas. SelfDecode is a genetic testing and analysis company that offers customers personalized health recommendations based on their genes. The company uses innovative AI and machine-learning technologies to analyze customers’ genes and provide meaningful results. SelfDecode is the only company in the industry that directly provides users with a holistic set of accurate health recommendations based on their genes, helping them take charge of their own healthcare with data-driven precision health decisions.

Privacy is a Top Priority

SelfDecode is committed to protecting the privacy and security of all customers’ data. SelfDecode is a direct-to-consumer genomics app that complies with GDPR and HIPPA regulations, provides free access to every customer to their own raw data, forbids secondary data usage, and provides round-the-clock support to anyone experiencing security or privacy concerns.

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