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The Affiliate Program transports your audience to, where they can decorate just about any indoor area in need of color with beautiful, hand-crafted silk floral arrangements. With a commitment to quality firmly in place, this online outlet’s products look so lifelike that customers might just unintentionally begin to water them.

This affiliate program is easily marketed to shoppers who wish to invite the lovely presence of flowers in their home or office and leave out the hassles of maintaining or replacing them once they wither. Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Calla Lillies – Earn commissions when a customer completes a purchase with valid payment at
Vibrant Banners – Showcasing the multi-hued products they have gained fame for
I’m Yelling Timber – Artificial ficus, bamboo, bonsai, and palm trees, among other varieties, also available

How Can This Benefit You?
What could be better than receiving flowers? Why, being gifted flowers that can practically last forever, of course. Such products are available to your web traffic through the Affiliate Program, where everything from daisies to tulips to roses is masterfully created with the finest silk materials. Coupled with a 30-day home trial option, lightning fast delivery, and several satisfaction guarantees, this is one advertiser you’d be mistaken not to promote on your page.

Leafy Love
Asides from flowers and trees, the Affiliate Program also excels in offering your site readers exceptional silk plants such as ferns, ivies, and agaves. Even coastal grass planters are available for those who wish to channel their love for the beach inside their home.

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