Affiliate Program

The affiliate program allows your web traffic access to, where they can shop for disabled and senior elderly care adaptive clothing for women and men. Whether wearers find it difficult to get to the restroom in time or get around in general, this storefront sells apparel that caters to their unique needs.

This program is geared towards caregivers of older folks or people with a limited range of motion that regularly manufactured clothing simply doesn’t account for. Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Gowns and More – Commissions are earned on sales via
Endearing Creative – Banners promoting seasonal savings on these annually useful items
Digital MD – Shoppers can search for clothing based on wearers’ ailments, from Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis to those recuperating in nursing homes or wheelchairs

How Can You Benefit From This?
It’s troublesome for people who depend on others to operate in their daily lives sometimes, even when it comes to factors as simple as getting properly dressed in the morning. What the affiliate program can do for your audience members is give them back a bit of dignity by making available clothing that is easy to manage in a number of unfortunate scenarios. Leg warmers, buttonhooks, elastic shoelaces, wheelchair pouches, and other items that could prove invaluable for the handicapped and their caregivers can be sourced here.

Twilight Care
Especially when there’s no one around to help you handle the simplest of tasks, wearing apparel that is functional and fashionable is paramount. Elderly women and men on will be able to find plenty of clothing that grants them greater freedom than standard manufactured clothing can.

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