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SimpleSite US 1$ offer Affiliate Program

The SimpleSite US 1$ offer affiliate program connects consumers to SimpleSite. Since 2003 SimpleSite was founded in 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by two brothers. They had a vision to create the most useful and user-friendly website building tool available on the market. They used a simple idea modeled from lean business principles to create value and opportunity for “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” non-experienced users who could benefit from putting their personal and professional projects online. Only a year after setting up shop, SimpleSite launched its English-language site, targeted toward an American audience. The product A SimpleSite website lets the user choose between hundreds of unique layouts and designs. The user choose between our many different templates, colours and backgrounds – or choose a ready-made design. The user can also create a blog or/and an online store. When a user has created a website with SimpleSite, they have two options: 1. They can choose to keep their website free of charge. 2. They can choose to pay $1 for our 1 month PRO subscription, and then gain access to our PRO features. They will, after 1 month, be charged $10. If you have any questions, please reach out for me!

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