The SnoreRx affiliate program guides your site visitors to, where they can purchase an oral appliance that allows them to have a peaceful night’s rest. This mouthpiece gently moves the lower jaw forward and creates an open airway through one’s throat, preventing snoring all night.

This program can effectively be marketed to partners of people with sleep apnea who want to enjoy a quiet evening for once.

SnoreRx Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Totes – Commissions are earned on leads to
Serene Imagery – Marketing materials showcasing couples sleeping peacefully
Jaws – Combats pain caused by temporomandibular joint dysfunction over time

How Can You Benefit From This?
Not being able to sleep can leave a person tired and listless in the morning, leading to poor productivity at work and school and a host of real safety concerns. The SnoreRx affiliate program can help your patrons address these issues with a single comfortable mouthpiece that allows them to get the rest they’ve desperately been seeking for years. Most importantly, this device does away with the real possibility of suffocating in one’s sleep due to blocked airway passages.

Perfect Fit
SnoreRx is designed to deliver a custom impression, which allows for the even distribution of pressure in one’s mouth. This prevents teeth movement, maximizes comfort, and prevents ligament damage.

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