The SousVide Supreme affiliate program allows your audience members to access, online vendors of one of the world’s finest water ovens for precise cooking at home. After vacuum-sealing foods in food-grade plastic pouches, they are submerged in the water bath and prepared at a precise temperature for a set amount of time to achieve incredible levels of tenderness.

This affiliate program is optimally marketed to busy families and novice home chefs who want to expertly prepare tough cuts of meat and serve tender vegetables to friends and families with little effort.

SousVide Supreme Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Equipment – Earn commissions on completed online purchases at
Sharp Banner Creative – Highlighting the modern conveniences of utilizing this classic cooking technique
It’s What’s for Dinner – Can cook beef, game, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, and shellfish

How Can This Benefit You?
Even expert chefs with decades of experience can sometimes find it difficult to deconstruct the fibrous tendons in a lower-grade cut of meat, but the SousVide Supreme affiliate program puts that worry to rest. After seasoning, sealing, and submerging foods in a SousVide Supreme & Demi water oven, precise cooking times and temperatures produce succulent cuts of beef and tender vegetables similar to the most celebrated restaurants in the world. Flavors are locked in to each individual pouch rather than being boiled out or sizzled off on a grill, resulting in some of the tastiest meals imaginable.

Easy-Bake SousVide Oven
After the main course is over, the SousVide Supreme water oven can also help prepare sweet desserts. Some of their most popular recipes include preparations for ice cream, cakes, brownies, quick breads, and more.

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