SpoofCard Affiliate Program

The SpoofCard affiliate program allows your privacy-driven web patrons the ability to hide or modify their caller ID and make prank calls via teltechcorp.com. Users can have even more fun with features that include a real-time voice changer, call recording, and background sounds.

This affiliate program is ideally geared towards individuals who want to make calls to their friends without being recognized.

SpoofCard Affiliate Program Benefits:

Commissionable Downloads – Earn commissions on purchases made at teltechcorp.com
Playful Marketing Material – Highlighting how easy it is to make prank calls to friends
I’m Going to a Place Nearby – Pretending to be somewhere you’re not is made simple with background noises such as police sirens, nightclub music, and dogs barking

How Can This Benefit You?
It’s becoming harder than ever to trust people since they know Big Brother always seems to be listening, precisely the reason why affiliate programs such as SpoofCard can come in handy. Whether your audience members want to kill some time and pretend to be a telemarketer or get someone to admit vital information, they will surely get their money’s worth with this versatile application. Plus, it can be quite entertaining to have multiple callers listen in on conversations with their group spoof feature.

You Don’t Need to See His Identification
Joining the dark side, at least for the period of a short phone call, is just a click away with the voice changer features available from SpoofCard. Your readers will be able to effortlessly switch the tone of their voice from male to female, and even sound like a few famous fictional characters.

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