Textbookx Affiliate Program

The Textbookx affiliate program grants your site visitors direct access to Textbookx.com, which is dedicated to helping students find the lowest prices for their books online. Customers can buy or rent school books at affordable values that are certain to make them feel less guilty when selling them at the end of the semester.

This program is optimally geared towards college students (or their families) who have to begrudgingly accommodate the high costs of textbooks into their annual budget.

Textbookx Affiliate Program Benefits:
Educational Commissions – Earn commissions with online textbook rentals or purchases made via Textbookx.com
Vibrant Creative – Advocating the immense savings possibilities their platform can provide
Blinded Me with Science – Textbooks sold in a wide range of subjects and course levels

How Can You Benefit From This?
There’s no need for your page patrons to ever pay full price for textbooks again when they shop through the Textbookx affiliate program. Customers can easily search for millions of new and used copies by ISBN, title, author, or keyword, making it easier than ever to get exactly what they need for class at a price they can afford. Thousands of ebooks are also available for free download on Textbookx.com.

School Rules
Textbookx.com also partners with a number of scholastic institutions around the country, which gives their student body distinct advantages in the virtual storefront. In addition to the benefits direct customers can enjoy, these school-specific sites allow consumers to search by course names, codes, and instructors in their institution.

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