Timberland Affiliate Program

The Timberland affiliate program guides your readership to shop.Timberland.com, where they can purchase footwear and apparel from the internationally-recognized American clothier. An iconic lifestyle brand, their inventory has evolved over the decades to include stylish items for men, women, and children, whether they work in rugged conditions or not.

This program is geared towards construction workers, electricians, outdoorsmen, and anyone else who spends hours on their feet in rather uncomfortable terrain.

Timberland Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Boots – Commissions are earned on sales made via shop.Timberland.com
Vibrant Imagery – Banners showcasing popular products and the famous Timberland logo
Steel Appeal – Rugged work boots sold with features including steel toe reinforcement, waterproofing, and puncture resistance

How Can You Benefit From This?
More than just a mainstay of ‘90s hip-hop culture, Timberland speaks to the individuals who don’t mind getting down and dirty for an honest day’s work. Even those who trek the great outdoors as a form of leisure can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each pair of boots, insulating sweater, and set of cooling crew socks sold. On a chilly walk to school or during a torrential downpour, your patrons will certainly be pleased they picked up their boots through the Timberland affiliate program.

Inspired Insoles
While there’s nothing wrong with a classic pair of yellow Timberland boots, some people prefer a bit more personality with each step they take. On shop.Timberland.com, customers can create their own boots or boat shoes, customizing everything from the collar to the midsole- including monogramming!

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