The affiliate program grants your web visitors access to, the online outlet for one of the world’s best known creators and direct marketers of unique entertainment media products. TimeLife music and video collections are capable of capturing moments and entire eras like no other source quite can, encapsulating the emotions and feelings felt by millions onto a single piece of media.

This program is ideally promoted to nostalgic consumers looking for a lifetime of enjoyment through collections of memories from yesteryear. Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Collections – Earn commissions on all sales via
Familiar Marketing Content – Showcasing favorite television shows, films, and music
Timeless Appeal – Content capable of capturing the imagination of multiple generations

How Can You Benefit From This?
Recalling how many conversations you’ve personally had that include the phrase “Do you remember,” consider how easy it will be for your site visitors to find a product in the TimeLife catalogue that they too will love. Not just limited to classic television compilations and music, their inventory also features a number of children’s shows and timeless documentaries that take objective views of events that changed the course of history itself. No matter their interests or age, has a product that will likely entice or inspire multiple members of your audience.

Reliving the Moments
For collectors and thoughful gift-givers alike, items from’s inventory have the capability to evoke memories and emotions not felt for decades. With a single song or series people can be transported to happier times in their past, making their present and future that much more enjoyable.

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