The TMS Apple Pay Affiliate Program drives consumers to, where they can obtain simple yet powerful point-of-sale solutions to help merchants manage and grow their company. One of the fastest growing merchant service providers in the U.S. and Canada, TMS has earned the loyalty and business of over 100,000 small business customers to date.

This program can be promoted to startups and small retailers looking for a reliable way to streamline their POS systems.

TMS Apple Pay Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Processing – Commissions are earned per lead at
Engaging Marketing – Banners highlighting the ease and adaptability of these services
Get in the Groovv – Wireless credit card processing provides the same access to credit card authorization networks as brick-and-mortar shops

How Can You Benefit From This?
No longer will your patrons have to schlep credit cards to a single terminal and wait for multiple bills to be processed, thanks to the TMS Apple Pay Affiliate Program. Wireless credit card processing via multiple TMS dongles on tablets and smartphones speeds up customer checkout times while simultaneously providing peace of mind through transparency and lowering processing rates. As these compact, lightweight devices accept credit cards and ApplePay, companies can stay on top of the latest popular payment options.

Security Clearance
Businesses of any kind, including those in the restaurant and hospitality field, are prone to fraudulent activity on a daily basis if they’re not prepared. Utilizing TMS Apple Pay devices while attending a customers, rather than walking away once a meal or potential sale is made, can help curtail criminals from simply running away without consequences.

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