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ToBox Affiliate Program

The ToBox affiliate program directs consumers to, which sells brand-free essentials for the kitchen. While their extensive inventory of cooking tools and accessories aren’t marked up due to labels, they’re still high quality and compatible with modern kitchen décor trends.

This program can be marketed to families and home cooks on a budget who don’t want to pay premium costs for exceptional kitchen gadgets.

ToBox Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Conveniences – Earn commissions on all sales at
That’s Not a Knife – Lightweight, durable knives sold for cooks who value longevity
Green Machines – Products consider the environment and sustainable business practices

How Do You Benefit From This?
Whereas many companies rely on marketing and known brand names, the kitchen items sold through the ToBox affiliate program tend to sell themselves. Health-conscious individuals who are watching what they eat can definitely benefit from having these premium scales and food thermometers in their home. In turn, by controlling how they prepare their food in the first place, your readers will be able to then live longer and happier lives.

Put the Kettle On
Be it a cup of tea in the morning or glass of merlot with dinner, ToBox streamlines the process of entertaining when guests come over. They’ve electric wine openers and kettles stocked that can help hosts fill a guest’s glass in no time.

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