Triwa Affiliate Program

Marketing the Triwa affiliate program on your page gives your readers a chance to buy stylish Scandinavian watches sold through The company’s mission is to “transform the industry of watches,” hence their namesake, and they do so with exquisite contemporary timepieces and sunglasses sold the world over.

This program is optimally meant for trendy men and women who want the look of a modern status symbol on their wrist without having to lose the rest of their arm to pay for it.

Triwa Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Chronographs – Earn commissions on sales made via
Bold Banners – Creative showcasing their artisan crafted watch selections
Made in the Shade – Sunglasses developed with classic cuts and contemporary detailing to bring out the best features of those who wear them

How Can You Benefit From This?
Triwa products adhere to a very simple pedigree: they have to both look and feel good. In fact, each of their employees is tasked with designing the items that he or she wants to wear next. That’s precisely why all of their watches, banded with precious metals or high quality leather, do an excellent job of accentuating an outfit without overshadowing the people they rest on.

Clamoring for More
After selling out their debut collection within a month’s time, customers have been feverishly after subsequent seasonal releases. The Triwa affiliate program makes these watches available to your audience, turning your website into a fashion accessory destination.

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