Uber Affiliate Program

Promoting the Uber affiliate program on your landing page drives your audience members to Uber.com, where they can sign up as drivers for the popular streamlined transportation service. Uber drivers set their own schedules and make great money, either as a second job or steady gig.

This program is geared towards individuals who want to make some supplemental income around their local neighborhoods.

Uber Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Concierge – Commissions are earned on completed background checks and first drives via Uber.com
Enticing Imagery – Banners touting how easy it is to make extra money as an Uber Independent Contractor
Like a Boss – Select where you go, when you drive, and who to pick up without any nagging supervisors

How Can You Benefit From This?
Making ends meet is an increasingly tough task for people nowadays, even the middle class citizens among your site readership. By marketing the Uber affiliate program, you will be providing people with a great opportunity to make extra money and support their family using tools and skills they already have. As the popularity and reach of Uber grows exponentially in cities around the world, more and more people will be able to profit off of this program, including you.

Catch a Ride
Uber is in the news frequently thanks to their innovation, high customer satisfaction, and cross-promotional campaigns with several huge corporations. Placing a few Uber banners on your landing page is all it takes to take part in this potentially lucrative endeavor.

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