The VIPRE Antivirus affiliate program allows your site visitors to access, where they can purchase some of the top antivirus software programs available on the market today. System protection is an essential component of everyday computer use, making the advanced security features their products provide a needed line of defense against impending threats.

This affiliate program can be promoted to a wide demographic, as protecting one’s vital digital data against hacking and identity theft should always be a priority.

VIPRE Antivirus Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Countermeasures – Earn commissions on online purchases with valid payment at
Bold Marketing Material – Banners advocating the defensive capabilities of their programs
Mobile Monitoring – Applications available to block spyware, backup information, wipe system memory, or monitor the activity on smartphones and tablets

How Can This Benefit You?
Protecting your computer should be as much a priority as properly securing your home or vehicle each day, making VIPRE Antivirus an ideal component your audience’s daily digital lives. This affiliate program offers top-of-the-line software with features that include two-way firewalls and a high performance anti-malware engine to provide complete security without dragging down the speed of a PC. VIPRE Antivirus’ real-time monitoring and protection doesn’t just protect against web threats, it provides peace of mind to individuals concerned about maintaining the integrity of their system.

Social Bug
Many people live their lives in the public eye through various social media outlets, but not everyone is aware of how easy it is for users to unknowingly welcome a virus into their computer. VIPRE Antivirus’ Social Watch feature scans social media pages for malware to protect users and their friends from danger.

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