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The VITENZI affiliate program leads your web traffic to, a unique Italian-inspired eyewear brand for prescription sunglasses. Each collection is named after a city in Italy and invokes the spirit of the location. In addition to delivering style and personality through its eyewear collection, VITENZI’s designs represent the thrill of a new and exciting adventure.

This program can be marketed to patrons looking to explore a collection of inspirational eyewear that combines style, family, and travel at an affordable rate.

VITENZI Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Eyewear – Earn commission per sale at
Lifetime Guarantee – If your page viewers’ glasses are damaged or destroyed, VITTENZI will replace them free of charge
Discounts – Big savings are available for first responders, medical professionals, and military personnel

How Can You Benefit From This?
VITENZI creates sunglasses for any prescription your site visitors may need. Their selection of sunglasses includes categories such as bifocal, night vision, and more. The night vision glasses reduce glare from oncoming headlights, which makes night-time driving safer for road warriors of all ages. Your readers will also have access to VITENZI full readers sunglasses. For individuals who like to unwind by reading a book at their favorite park or local pool, they’ll certainly need more than a regular pair of reading glasses for optimal enjoyment. Thankfully, VITENZI reading sunglasses helps its users read comfortably in any sunlit environment. Other products available through the website includes safety bifocal glasses and fit overs. VITENZI’s prescription safety glasses help keep eyes safe for DIY projects for home and business settings. By subscribing to the VITENZI newsletter, your audience members can also keep up with new VITENZI products that inspire them to look their best.

Style Variety
VITENZI eyewear carries a variety of styles suitable for any environment or occasion. Its products come in different color frames, additional metal trims, and customizable lens types.

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