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Wifi on Steroids Affiliate Program

The Wifi on Steroids affiliate program drives your web traffic to WifiOnSteroids.net, the supplier of wifi boosting devices that permits its customers to browse, stream, or work from anywhere! While wifi hotspots provide access to the World Wide Web, its limited range oftentimes requires its users to remain in close proximity to the wireless router. Thankfully Wifi on Steroids makes the transmittance of good wifi signal possible throughout large homes, camping grounds, hotels, and boats.

This program could be marketed to business professionals on-the-go, in need of a stable internet connection to complete assigned tasks without interruption.

Wifi on Steroids Affiliate Program Benefits:

Commissionable Amplification – Earn commission per sale at WifiOnSteroids.net
The New Generation of Wifi – Large colorful banners underscore the benefits of enhanced wifi signal and free technical support
Easy to Install – Wifi on Steroid’s diminutive, design facilitates mobility, while its wifi protected setup guarantees a secure internet connection at the touch of a button.

Wifi on Steroids Affiliate Program Benefits:
A waffling wifi signal can wreak havoc on one’s productivity as well as their personal enjoyment but through the Wifi on Steroids affiliate program, your patrons can purchase the WF-101 Wifi Booster to make intermittent connectivity a thing of the past. Wifi on Steroids plugs into any wall outlet and utilizes dual antennas to extend coverage and eliminate dead spots. In addition to its ability to connect to free public or home wifi, the WF-101 is also capable of boosting mobile hotspots such as laptops, cell-phones, and tablets.

Undeniable Speed!
Mobile networks occasionally reduce internet speed when cell-phone or tablet hotspots are in use. Fortunately, Wifi on Steroids’ “repeater” mode rebroadcasts the existing signal and elevates it to an acceptable level, ensuring uninterrupted streaming and browsing.

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