Wolford Affiliate Program

The Wolford affiliate program allows your audience members to access WolfordShop.com, where they can browse an impressive selection of tights and other shapewear in various colors and patterns. From beautiful outfit accents to intimate lingerie, there’s hardly a demand this storied retailer can’t meet.

This affiliate program is best suited for women searching for the appropriate attire from a luxurious brand that will allow them to feel comfortable, confident, and sexy at all times.

Wolford Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Clothing – Earn commissions when customers complete a valid order at Wolford.com
Enticing Marketing Material – Featuring sultry models attired in various distinct products
Sock it to Me – Comfortable velvet socks also stocked

How Can You Benefit From This?
When your site visitors need the proper fashion fittings to complete an ensemble, they need look no further than the Wolford affiliate program. They stock tights, pantyhose, bodysuits, and even accessories such as belts, scarves, sleeves, and headbands. And when they want to spend some personal time with their significant others, Wolford’s line of lingerie can help them to perfectly set the mood.

Gone Swimming
The Wolford affiliate program can even supply your page traffic when out at the beach or on the boat with attractive bathing suits. Both one- and two-piece bikinis are available in striking yet restrained colors to give buyers a classic yet modern appeal.

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