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The highly sought-after Zacks Investment Research Affiliate Program connects your site visitors to zacks.com- the platform for one of the leading investment research firms in the U.S.

Since 1978, they have provided unparalleled stock research, analysis, and recommendations for both members and non-members. Those who visit zacks.com can quickly and easily learn about top stock picks selected by the Zacks Rank- the company’s coveted system that has beaten the market 28 of the last 34 years with an average annual return of 25.4% per year.

With nearly 800,000 members, Zacks also provides specialized insight from market experts who provide detailed guidance on how to accomplish financial success in today’s stock market.

This program is geared towards investors looking for new or existing trading opportunities that can help increase the odds of their success.

Benefits of the Zacks Investment Research Affiliate Program include:
• Generating Commissionable Leads – Earn $5 commission per valid lead for prospects who download Zacks’ special report.
• Working with an Accredited Business – Zacks has been rated #1 in Quantitative Research by 1NVESTARS, #1 for earnings estimate data by Computerized Investment, and is rated A+ businesses by Better Business Bureau.
• Alignment with a Market Acclaimed Organization – Zacks Research has been featured on many reputable publications such as MSN, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and more!

Whether investing for the first time or looking for new trading opportunities for financial growth, Zacks Investment Research helps investors better understand the stock market, its movements, and where to allocate their money.

Through the Zacks Investment Research Affiliate Program, your audience members will be privy to exclusive industry insights and exceptional professional reports analyzed by Zack’s industry experts. Using the Zacks Rank, their specialists assist investors in finding the best stocks to buy and sell.

Headquartered in Chicago, Zacks Investment Research is a provider of independent stock, ETF, and mutual fund research. They are committed to sharing little-known discoveries with both members and non-members. Their dedication to giving investors a trading advantage led to the creation of its proven stock-rating system, the Zacks Rank. Their unmatched results aren’t a matter of opinion, but pure mathematical analysis that’s irrefutable.

All Zacks reports are independently researched, and not influenced by Wall Street. This practice guarantees customers access to a powerful stock-selection tool to trade with to accomplish their financial goals.

Zacks Special Report, 5 Stocks Set to Double
When subscribing to Zacks’ daily newsletter, investors will be privy to Zacks’ special report, 5 Stocks Set to Double. In it, five stock strategists each divulge their handpicked favorite stock set to double in future months.

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