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The Zion Medicinals | Premium CBD affiliate program leads your page viewers to ZionMedicinals.com where they can view a variety of CBD products. Zion Medicinals prides itself on creating high-quality hemp products for conscious consumers by following four pillars of quality guaranteed to ensure customer satisfaction. Zion Medicinals uses ethanol extraction and spagyric processing while using various compounds to provide maximum relief.

This program could be marketed to people seeking a high-quality natural solution to seek relief.

The Zion Medicinals | Premium CBD Program Benefits:
Commissionable Subscriptions – Earn commission per sale on ZionMedicinals.com
Enticing Banners – Showcase Zion Medicinals on your site with engaging and varied banners.
Organic Products – Zion Medicinals strictly uses single-sourced farmer direct organically grown hemp from Colorado.

How Can You Benefit from This?
In addition to using organically grown hemp, Zion Medicinals is one of the few companies using spagyric processing. This alchemic process is meant to purify and perfect the product to make it more potent, thus providing much-needed relief. Zion Medicinals describes the process as adhering to their ethanol extraction with calcination, reducing the plant material to a white ash in order to extract the minerals and salts. Following the calcination, chemists mix the reduced materials with distilled water and crystallize it to combine with the raw hemp mixture forming a full-spectrum CBD oil. In other words, this process helps their product keep all the acids, oils and minerals needed to acquire the full and highest medicinal value.

Knowledge Base
ZionMedicinals.com provides its customers with plenty of information about dosing and their manufacturing process. Their articles are also a great help for visitors left with residual questions related to Zion Medicinals | Premium CBD and their individual health concerns and/or aspirations.

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