We at FlexOffers.com are thrilled to roll out FlexRev-$hare, the second of our latest platform-enhancing features released. This referral program allows publishers to earn a percentage of the sales of all their referrals in addition to all the revenue they’re already generating via FlexOffers.com!




FlexOffers FlexRev revenue share feature website new addition update

FlexRev-$hare is a powerful referral program that allows you to generate unlimited income on two levels, where you can earn up to 10% of all your referred revenue.

Level 1
The more publishers you refer to FlexOffers.com, the more money you make. As they grow within the network, so will your monthly payments from FlexOffers.com!

Level 2
The more money you make in FlexOffers.com through your publisher account, the higher percentage of referral income you will receive. You can receive anywhere from 2% – 10% of all referral revenue.

How Do I Start Earning with FlexRev-$hare?
If you are a publisher on FlexOffers.com, then you are already approved to participate in the FlexRev-$hare program! You can use our online form to send email invites, or use your dedicated referral link.

The process is simple, as displayed in the steps below:

FlexOffers.com will continue to launch new network features in the coming weeks, and anticipate plenty of new opportunities for positive growth. If you have any questions about FlexRev-$hare, simply email our team at [email protected]!


FlexRev-$hare has undergone a rebrand and is now known as FlexCash