Flexoffers.com - Important

We have published the initial release of our new Performance Report! https://publisherpro.flexoffers.com/Performance

With this newly improved report, you will have the functionality for the following:

  • Filter data by advertiser/link performance
  • Trend performance by Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly
  • View performance charts with metrics like Clicks / Orders / Sale Amount / Commission
  • Create comparison reports with the ability to trend them Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly
  • See an overall comparison summary of your performance with a percentage change for Clicks / Orders / Sale Amount / Commission.
  • Comparison trend chart plotting current period vs prior period with metrics like Clicks / Orders / Sale Amount / Commission
  • Data grid will display the percentage changes when comparing periods
  • New metrics added to data grid-like Conversion Rate / EPC / AOV / Average Commission

For our second release, we will be adding the following functionalities:

  • Advertiser Filter
  • Account-level reporting
  • Traffic source-level reporting
  • Trend report by date range

Please note that our initial release will have bugs and things to improve on. In case you are experiencing any issues, please create a ticket on our support platform at – https://support.flexoffers.com/hc/en-us.

Payments API 
A new API endpoint has been made available.  This endpoint /payments/summary will let you pull your payments issued to your account. The response will have paymentId, paymentDate, paymentMethod, referenceCode, and amount. Once you’ve called the summary endpoint you can call this other endpoint /payments/details using the paymentId. You will be able to retrieve payment details for that specific payment period. For accounts that have multiple traffic sources within one account, you also can pass DomainIDs to pull data for your traffic sources individually.  The field also supports comma-delimited lists in case you want to pull a report for 2 traffic sources out of 3.