Flexoffers.com - Important

We are continuing to add features to our Performance Report. In this week’s deployment we added the following:


Run a performance report by date range

This is an option in the “Performance By” filter, which will allow you to see reporting grouped based on dates for the current domain. You can run stats for your account for any timeframe and group the performance by Day / Week / Month / Yearly. You can also add comparison to this report.


Advertiser Filtering

In the advertiser report, we have enabled an advertiser multi-search function so you can select to view your performance by a specific advertiser and see their performance trend on the chart, or you can also select multiple advertisers at once.


Performance Summary

A summary of clicks / orders / sale amount / commission has also been added for you to quickly see the total amount of all these metrics that are being shown in the data grid.


Trend Charts

Our trend chart has a different look. It is now a line-chart that plots clicks / orders / sale amount / commission, and each has been given a specific color. If you wish to only plot one metric at a time you can click on the metric you want to disable or enable.


Default this week on page load

When you are visiting the Performance page it will automatically load data with filters “This Week” based on the Date Range and trended daily.

Lastly, a bug slipped to production in the range filtering for “Last Month”. If selected, it will default to 01/01/2021 – 01/31/2021 instead of 2022. This will be fixed in our deployment next week.


WordPress Plugin


Sub Tracking IDs for automated linking

We have added more enhancements to our WordPress Plugin. With the automated affiliate linking, you can add Sub-Tracking IDs to your links. Once the Plugin has been downloaded and updated on WordPress, on the page where you add your content to your post, you will see a section labeled “FlexOffers Sub Tracking” to add up to 5 sub-tracking IDs.