Bing Ads Affiliate Program

The Bing Ads Affiliate Program directs your audience to one of the premier search engine providers’ state-of-the-art ads service. With Big Ads, customers can drive a larger traffic base and potentially earn more revenue thanks to a suite of innovative tools.

This affiliate program is best suited to businesses and other individuals who rely on search engine marketing to increase brand awareness and create sales for their products.

Bing Ads Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable SEO – Earn commissions when a customer signs up and activates a Microsoft Advertising adCenter account at
Beneficial Banners – Promoting the advantages of opting for Bing Ads
Speedy Service – Bing Ads Express adds automated campaign management, budget guidance, and integration for Bing Places for Business

How Can This Benefit You?
With the Bing Ads Affiliate Program, your enterprising users have access to a robust service that can instantly increase their company’s visibility, all the while providing the necessary tools to also save money and direct their budgets towards the truly crucial areas. 530 million unique searchers across the globe can be reached through the power of Bing, and users are only charged when their ad is clicked on. When turning to Bing Ads, success and business prosperity are practically guaranteed.

(Un)arrested Development
The Bing Ads Affiliate Program also grants your page traffic access to the Bing Ads Developer Center, where they can find informative blogs, downloads, and the API sandbox. The latter allows for application testing before deploying it to the production environment.

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