Career affiliate programs tap into the huge population of savvy professionals seeking employment on the internet every day. With an ever-expending selection of job search affiliate programs, training services with careers, professional recruiter services and more, you’ll find something here to convert and capitalize on the job-seeking visitors to your site.

Rosetta Stone Australia & New Zealand Affiliate Program

The Rosetta Stone Australia & New Zealand affiliate program guides your site readers to what is often regarded as the #1 language learning software in the world, acclaimed for its success in helping millions of people learn a new language through easy-to-use programs. This software effectively teaches all four language skills: listening comprehension, reading, writing, …

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The affiliate program grants your site patrons access to one of the most affordable accredited university in the US, offering self-paced online business degrees designed around the working adult’s schedule, allowing students to speed up and finish faster if they have extra time.. Their award-winning online learning platform uses the power of technology to keep … Affiliate ProgramRead More »

Atomic Training Affiliate Program

The Atomic Training affiliate program provides high-impact e-learning solutions. They have a vast and long-standing history of guiding people on their learning journeys. Whether they need new employee orientation, transition to updated software, or extend IT support, Atomic Training has the essential tools customers need to develop and increase skills, proficiency, and productivity. Sign up …

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Resource Advisor Affiliate Program

The Resource Advisor affiliate program can help customers find the program that meets their needs for resources to fund education, training programs, housing programs, and new businesses. Sign up with to learn more about the Resource Advisor affiliate program today!   *Please note we are not currently offering this affiliate program in our system, but similar …

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The – everyone needs a quality resume affiliate program is one of the leading resume writing companies in providing effective resumes that continuously earn interviews and employment offers for our clients. They e-mail a copy of your professional resume, and send hard copies on high quality paper. Sign up with to learn more about the … – everyone needs a quality resume Affiliate ProgramRead More »

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Kaplan SelfTest Affiliate Network Affiliate Program

The Kaplan SelfTest Affiliate Network affiliate program draws traffic to, where IT professionals and students can prep for industry certifications. Keeping your skills up-to-date is essential for anyone in the tech field, and this site can help them stay in the game. This program is geared towards programmers and engineers seeking certifications to begin …

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Aesthetic Video Source Affiliate Program

The Aesthetic Video Source affiliate program provides your web visitors access to, where they can find expert taught educational DVDs for the beauty and salon industries. Their videos offer many essential and fashionable trainings such as: massage, stone therapy, waxing and hair removal, cellulite treatment, make-up, and hair styling. This affiliate program is optimally …

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viagogo Affiliate Program

The viagogo affiliate program drives your page visitors to, a globe-spanning ticket marketplace present in almost 50 countries. Passes to concerts, sporting events, arts and theater shows, and even festivals can be bought and sold through this secure service. This affiliate program is primarily promoted to entertainment lovers searching for more affordable ticket options …

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Approved Colleges Affiliate Program

The Approved Colleges affiliate program allows your web patrons to access a top online resource for e-learning degree programs, courses, and skill assessment tests. Their unique blend of comprehensive degree, course, and assessment offerings has made them a leader in the world of online learning. Sign up with to learn more about the Approved Colleges affiliate …

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By promoting the – Resume Posting to 75+ Job Sites affiliate program on your landing page, your web traffic will be able to post their polished CV on the biggest job networks around today. This one-stop resume posting service can save people days’ worth of time that would otherwise be spent on simple data … – Resume Posting to 75+ Job Sites Affiliate ProgramRead More »

Nexxt Affiliate Program

The Nexxt affiliate program drives your site traffic to, one of the most expansive networks connecting talented job seekers and powerful companies all over the world. With scores of career channels and over 1,000 industry communities, this is an optimal place for workforces to come together. This program is ideally marketed to companies and …

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Transparent Language Affiliate Program

The Transparent Language affiliate program guides your web visitors to, where they can access online services that change the very way people can learn new languages. Using a research-based approach with measurable resorts, these engaging applications have proven time and time again to be some of the most comprehensive tools out there for enhancing …

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Straighterline Affiliate Program

The Straighterline affiliate program permits students of all ages to take their college courses online, conveniently and affordably. Sign up with to learn more about the Straighterline affiliate program today!   *Please note we are not currently offering this affiliate program in our system, but similar programs in this category can still be found at

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