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Dencover Affiliate Program

Promoting the Dencover affiliate program will have your visitors flashing their pearly whites when they’re directed to, an insurance company offering various dental care packages to protect individuals and families. With Dencover’s offerings reviewed and certified by the United Kingdom’s leading dental health charity, customers can rest assured they’re receiving top-of-line protection.

This program is effectively marketed to unemployed and uninsured consumers looking for coverage.

Dencover Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Plaque Defense – Earn commissions on every sale through
Motto Advertising – Banners feature the company’s slogan of ‘Insure your smile’
Lisa Needs Braces! – An extensive blog features interesting articles for proper teeth maintenance and the latest dental news

How Can You Benefit From This?
As fees for going to the dentist continue to increase, going an extended period without taking preventive measures can often be financially devastating. With coverages starting at just £4.99 per month, Dencover offers bargain rates to reach a bevy of patrons. Along with five levels of treatment, recent signees can instantly add immediate and extended family members to their plans for an appealing benefit.

Informative Patients

Knowing medical terms can often be convoluted, Dencover’s website includes a Jargon Buster feature to help clients understand the intricacies of the industry. Whether finding the difference between cosmetic and aesthetic procedures or what a pre-existing condition is, Dencover can answer any dental-related inquiry with ease.

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