Digital Products

Affiliate programs in the Digital Products category feature products and services that are generally available only online. They are comprised of new offers that, free or for purchase, are either downloadable (software, PDF, video) or shippable to your customer’s front door. In contrast to the extensive list of other advertiser affiliate programs available through our network, digital products are not branded and do not have a wide variety of links and banners to choose from, but rather a single link that directs to the one landing page where your customer can transact.

InstaProfitGram Affiliate Program

The InstaProfitGram affiliate program allows customers to unlock the untapped potential of their Instagram accounts by giving them the opportunity to make up to hundreds of dollars a month with their accounts. Sign up with to learn more about the InstaProfitGram affiliate program today!

Rocket Spanish Affiliate Program

The Rocket Spanish affiliate program allows consumers to learn Spanish quickly and efficiently. It’s a scientifically-proven, award-winning program that will have customers confidently and fluently speaking a second language. Sign up with to learn more about the Rocket Spanish affiliate program today!

Ted’s Woodworking Affiliate Program

The Ted’s Woodworking affiliate program allows customers access to an archive of more than 16,000 woodworking plans, making any project extremely easy. Sign up with to learn more about the Ted’s Woodworking affiliate program today!

Earth 4 Energy Affiliate Program

The Earth 4 Energy affiliate program drives your audience to, where they will be able to buy DIY solar energy blueprints to help get them off the grid and back to saving cash. These plans provide insight into a truly reliable source of energy for individuals, even if they live in areas notorious for …

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