Affiliate Program

The Family Tree Magazine affiliate program directs your web traffic to, where they will be exposed to a hub filled with expert genealogy advice and downloadable ancestry guides. With workshops, e-books, and CDs available for purchase, your readers with have access to the tools they’ll need to build an accurate map of their family trees.

This program attracts individuals that learn how to find out more about their family history.

Family Tree Magazine Affiliate Program Benefits:
• Fond Commission – Earn commissions on sales made at
• Full Banners – Promotional materials feature popular genealogy texts that are on sale
• Universal Relations – Genealogy texts are organized by ethnicity to simplify the shopping experience

How Do You Benefit From This?
Your potential patrons do not need to build their family tree unaided because the Family Tree Magazine affiliate program offers them free organizational resources like ancestor forms and relationship charts. In addition, hosts exclusive genealogy blogs complete with tips and tricks on how beginners should conduct a thorough ancestral investigation. Kids are also encouraged to explore their family history by playing fun online games that will covertly teach them about family relations.

Find Your Way Back Home
Shoppers that want to be notified when new products are offered at can sign up for the site’s email newsletter. Plus, unlimited access to the Family Tree monthly podcast is provided to page visitors as soon as they utilize the Family Tree Magazine affiliate program’s links.

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