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Fenty Beauty Affiliate Program

The Fenty Beauty affiliate program drives your web traffic to FentyBeauty.com, makers of beauty products that allow everyone to feel included. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna was designed to address a paucity of beauty products that perform as advertised across all skin types and tones. Whether in search of Fenty Beauty makeup or skincare solutions, customers will assuredly find beautifying products that work at FentyBeauty.com.

This program can be marketed to individuals in search of skincare solutions that work, and makeup guaranteed to match their skin.

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Fenty Beauty Affiliate Program Advantages
Recognized for its inclusionary practices, Fenty Beauty places a premium on developing formulas that appeal to literally everyone. Due in large part to its massive inventory of beauty products, Fenty Beauty has cultivated a loyal following, containing fashionistas from all walks of life. This beauty brand’s merchandise enables consumers to achieve any look they desire. Publishers can expand their reach by promoting Fenty Beauty’s universal cosmetics on their site. By joining Fenty Beauty via FlexOffers Publisher Pro platform, publishers can couple their content with creatives that inspire their readership to upgrade their makeup and/or skincare routine. Registered users will also be privy to alerts and emails that allow them to keep pace with the affiliate program’s latest updates and commission rates.

Fenty Beauty – Where Everyone is Included
After spending years experimenting and consulting with the vanguard among the fashion industry, Rihanna noticed a growing need for skin products that perform across all skin types and tones. In an effort to change the skincare industry, Rihanna developed Fenty Beauty to make everyone’s makeup and skincare goals come to life. Representative of its inclusivity Fenty Beauty features over 50 shades of foundation, and its fan-favorite concealer. Fenty Beauty makeup was created to feel lightweight as its designed to be layered. By layering Fenty Beauty makeup, customers can recreate Rihanna’s Fenty face by following steps found at FentyBeauty.com. Through the utilization of various highlighters, foundations, primers, and concealers coupled with Rihanna’s real-life methods, your readers will realize, Rihanna’s killer radiance. Fenty Beauty also offers Remove-It-All cleanser, which serves as a daily cleanser and makeup remover in one. This vegan, and gluten-free cleanser purifies skin without stripping or drying. Its toner serum refines the look of pores, reduces dark spots, and evens skin tone to create the perfect canvas for makeup certified to inspire its everyone with each application.

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