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The FlexiSpot affiliate program connects your page viewers to FlexiSpot.com, one of the leading retailers of ergonomic products for one’s home and office. All FlexiSpot products are designed to ensure improved health and on-job performance.

This program could be marketed to individuals seeking creative solutions carefully crafted to facilitate a working environment that bolsters one’s efficiency, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

FlexiSpot Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Ergonomics – Earn commission per sale at FlexiSpot.com
Enable Your FlexiLife – Colorful banners promoting a dynamic and balanced life for all
Media Attention & Praise – FlexiSpot has received praise from media outlets such as MSN, Forbes, CNN, Yahoo, and many more

How Can You Benefit From This:
FlexiSpot provides consumers with the perfect work-life balance through state-of-the-art ergonomic solutions. At FlexiSpot.com, your patrons can peruse a wide range of products certified to advance overall health and productivity. As a strong advocate for “green and clean” FlexiSpot strives to deliver eco-friendly and sustainable desks, chairs, and accessories that reduce its carbon footprint on the environment. Thanks to its manufacturing of products that offer a wealth of healthcare solutions and fitness solutions, FlexiSpot has managed to grow its clientele worldwide. FlexiSpot is also trusted to supply huge corporations such as Google, IBM, and Starbucks with durable ergonomic equipment that perfectly suits their needs.

FlexiSpot Guarantee
All FlexiSpot products have been rigorously tested. Each item undergoes fatigue tests, pressure tests, vibration tests, and temperature tests to satisfy the most demanding qualifications around the globe.

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