The affiliate program permits your web traffic to access, where they can purchase medical products and services covered by employer-based flexible spending accounts. There’s no need to need for employees to stretch the truth on company expense reports anymore, as their inventory is stocked solely with FSA-eligible products.

This affiliate program is ideally marketed to working individuals looking for a secure source of products that can be reimbursed through their company appointed flexible spending account. Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Personal Care – Earn commissions on all sales via
Engaging Banner Creative – Showcasing popular name brand products and discounts
Family Friendly – Items for family planning, baby care, and school emergencies available

How Can This Benefit You?
Instead of spending hours trying to determine what purchases qualify for their flexible spending account, your site visitors need only shop the affiliate program. From pain relief to prenatal vitamins, bandages to convenient and cost-effective travel bundles, they stock the essentials that employees need and companies will cover. also carries sleep aids, smoking deterrents, diabetes care, and other items that perpetuate a longer life and lower healthcare costs for employers.

Summertime Spending
It doesn’t take creative accounting to account for products useful during a fun day in the sun… on a business trip, of course. features name brand sunscreen sprays, lip balms, and neck wraps to ensure one’s safety (and even tanning) when work happens to take you outdoors.

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