Roqos, Inc. Affiliate Program

The Roqos, Inc. affiliate program directs your readers to roqos.comwhere they can purchase powerful Roqos Core VPN routers with built-in cybersecurity and parental control solutions. Utilizing an intuitive interface on their iPhone, Android device or web interface, customers can set up a secure home network in minutes.

This program can be easily promoted to families who want to ensure the safety of their children while they’re surfing the web.

Roqos, Inc. Affiliate Program Benefits:

Commissionable Core – Earn commissions for each customer signing up for Roqos monthly, 1-year, or lifetime service at

I’ve Got the PowerRoqos is the most powerful home router ever made. With its powerful processors, memory and storage, it is designed to run enterprise grade cybersecurity software for homes.

Color Coded Logo Display – Roqos Core features an easy-to-understand lit logo to indicate status and connection problems.

How Do You Benefit From This?

Creating a home network can be a cumbersome task for any of your audience members that aren’t necessarily tech literate. Roqos, Inc. solves this issue by selling a router that can be used to set up a home network in a matter of minutes that protects one’s privacy and blocks malware, ransomware and other threats from Internet from doing harm. Additionally, parents can monitor the time their children spend online and put up filters so that they’re not exposed to questionable content.

You Shall Not Pass

No longer will your patrons need to expose their network to potentially unprotected devices when friends and family members stop by for a visit. The Roqos Core’s networking options include the ability to invite guests without giving them a password, limit users’ time online, and monitor the network from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.

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