The HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard affiliate program drives traffic to, where your patrons can enlist the aid of one of the premiere social media management dashboard services. Whether trying to create a digital footprint for your business or organizing a myriad of profiles already in the wild, they make networking far more effective and manageable than clumsily tending to multiple windows at once.

This program is geared towards business owners and marketing professionals searching for a means of organizing their social media standings to better engage with their peers and the public.

HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Coordination – Earn commissions on annual pro account purchases and monthly pro account purchases at
Engaging Marketing – Highlighting the positive ways in which their services help businesses
Familiar to Millions – Trusted by over 10 million professionals and counting

How Can You Benefit From This?
Keeping track of the chatter going on in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine accounts is difficult enough for your patrons in their personal lives, but when they need to monitor the exponentially large audience that a business can build up, Hootsuite is the answer. This social media dashboard manages networks, schedules messages, and engages people far more effectively than any cluster of open browser windows ever could. What’s more, companies can measure their return on investment right from the dashboard for a more informed experience.

Brand Recognition
Cultivating a certain aura of professionalism and consistent personality is important for companies who wish to build an organic rapport with their intended audience. The HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard affiliate program can serve as a centralized platform through which entire corporations can get their message out clearly and consistently.

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