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InstaDazzle Affiliate Program

The InstaDazzle affiliate program directs your site traffic to instadazzle.com, where they can discover a two-step whitening treatment that can clean and brighten stained teeth from coffee, wine, soda and even smoking. This peroxide- free product is designed with oxygen- infused technology, meaning, your readers with sensitivity issues won’t hesitate to improve their smile without feeling pain or damaging their enamel.

This program targets is geared towards individuals with dull, yellow teeth that want to improve their physical beauty without experiencing discomfort.

InstaDazzle Affiliate Program Benefits:
Sparkling Commission – Earn commissions on sales made at instadazzle.com
Bright Banners – Vibrant banners showcase the brand’s simplified whitening process to exemplify how easy the foam is to use
Dazzle Professionals – Quite the trusted product, InstaDazzle is currently partnered with dental professionals and distributors in the USA

How Do You Benefit From This?
Your audience will appreciate InstaDazzle’s transparent retail strategy as they openly boast about their products’ safe ingredients and offer a risk-free money back guarantee for the any dissatisfied customer. At instadazzle.com, the company also provides your page visitors with illustrative articles educating them on proper product use as well as teeth whitening basics. Plus, when customers purchase a 3-month supply or more, they will receive a deep-clean oscillating toothbrush (retail value $39) for free!

Say Cheese
With a drastically improved smile in up to four weeks, your site visitors will jump at the opportunity to flaunt their new pearly whites on social media. The InstaDazzle affiliate program continues to benefit customers after checkout, because, when users post their results on InstaDazzle’s Facebook or Instagram page, they will be rewarded with a free Sonic Power Toothbrush.

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