The Kreyos affiliate program allows your audience access to, virtual vendors for smartwatches that seamlessly integrate and interact with smartphone functions for ease of use. Through voice commands and gesture controls, people on the go can place phone calls, skip tracks on their music playlist, monitor calories burned, and more!

This affiliate program can effectively be marketed to consumers interested in increasing the accessibility of many of the most used features on their smartphone.

Kreyos Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Watches – Earn commissions on sales made via
Colorful Banner Creative – Showcasing the vibrantly designed Kreyos devices
Under the Sea – The Meteor smartwatch is waterproof, perfect for travelers caught in inclement weather who don’t want to risk water damage to their phone

How Can This Benefit You?
Instead of fumbling for a phone while on a jog or rudely reaching for a device while dining with others, customers who purchase a Kreyos device can experience a new level of convenience. Answer and make calls or texts, track activity during workout sessions, receive notifications in real time, and connect with others with minimal motion or voice commands. Those aspects alone make this an invaluable safety measure to protect otherwise distracted individuals from inflicting avoidable harm on themselves and others.

Big Online Buzz
If the convenient and socially viable functionalities of the devices sold through the Kreyos affiliate program don’t make them an attractive prospect, praise from around the web certainly can. These smartwatches have been featured on numerous technology and business-centric blogs with high readership, furthering brand awareness and appeal.

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