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Choose from a wide variety of lifestyle and recreation oriented affiliate programs. Augment your site and increase conversions with lucrative products, banners, and text links! Promote matchmaking and dating sites and services, social networking websites, even scholarship as well as electronic and smokeless cigarette programs. We carry great programs like, Playboy Store, Scholarship Zone and South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes!

Rejuve Cigs Affiliate Program

The Rejuve Cigs affiliate program allows your web visitors to purchase from a premium electronic cigarette brand that offers a line of products and flavors for the ultimate vaping experience. Sign up with to learn more about the Rejuve Cigs affiliate program today! *Please note we are not currently offering this affiliate program in our system, …

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Halo Cigs Affiliate Program

The Halo Cigs affiliate program allows your audience to vape with confidence and style thanks to their impressive line of products obtainable via Offering premium e-cigarettes and pure, USA-made e-liquid, this merchant practically guarantees a sublime smoking experience found nowhere else. This affiliate program can be most easily marketed at members of the vaping …

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Promoting the affiliate program on your website gives your visitors the opportunity to meet other single men and women via This platform has helped create thousands of happy couples, and seeks to continue that path by bringing together people who share the same Christian values. This program is best directed to divorced, widowed, … Affiliate ProgramRead More »

Electronic Cigarette Generation Affiliate Program

The Electronic Cigarette Generation affiliate program gives smokers a modern substitute to modify their habit via They sell battery-charged devices that look and feel like real cigarettes, but without many of the harmful addictive components found in tobacco products. This affiliate program is optimally marketed to individuals who wish to continue smoking in places …

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Blow Hookah Affiliate Program

The Blow Hookah affiliate program delivers your site viewers to, where they can browse and shop a remarkable collection of innovative smoking instruments. From traditionally-styled electronic hookahs to pocket-perfect vaporizers, this vendor’s merchandise leads the way towards the future of tobacco products. This affiliate program is most suitable for consumers looking to move beyond …

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Antonio Villard Affiliate Program

The Antonio Villard affiliate program transports your users to, home of high quality, premium electronic cigars. Manufactured using cutting-edge technology, they aim to provide aficionados a world-class product for the 21st century. This affiliate program is best intended for cigar enthusiasts looking for an electronic, tar- and carcinogen-free alternative that will still provide an …

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Promoting the affiliate program gives your web traffic access to, where they can buy some of the most sought-after discount books available today. Covering major cities throughout North America, these coupons can make any vacation or everyday purchase a more affordable endeavor. This program is ideal for prospective travelers or budget-conscious shoppers who … Affiliate ProgramRead More »

Vllusion Affiliate Program

The Vllusion affiliate program permits your web audience access to, where they can procure state-of-the-art electronic cigarettes that deliver a fulfilling smoking experience. These premium products come in a multitude of flavors, making it easier for users to slowly divert from a nicotine-rich lifestyle. This program can effectively be marketed to smokers wishing to …

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Harris Poll Affiliate Program

The Harris Poll affiliate program directs your audience to, where they can be part of a hugely successful and influential survey company. Simply by answering questions about important facets of their lives, users can collaborate on important study results published in national or international media. This affiliate program is optimally geared towards individuals interested …

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BNB Tobacco Affiliate Program

The BNB Tobacco affiliate program directs your audience to, an excellent source for tobacco products across all categories, including premium cigars, pipes, ashtrays, and humidors. Providing fast shipping and quality service, BnB Tobacco is the cigar enthusiast’s primary destination. This affiliate program is optimally geared for smoking aficionados searching for an all-inclusive retailer capable …

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The affiliate program can help connect your web visitors with other like-minded, faith-driven folk on For well over a decade, they have helped bring Catholics together for friendships and lasting relationships with custom compatibility tests, a robust community, and more. This program is ideally geared towards Catholic audiences seeking significant others who share … Affiliate ProgramRead More » Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is able to connect your audience with, one of the most recognized faith-based dating sites on the web. They lead a community for women and men serious about dating and eventually starting a happy and flourishing marriage. This program is optimally offered to lonely Catholic consumers who want to find … Affiliate ProgramRead More »

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