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Mason Finance Affiliate Program

The Mason Finance affiliate program directs your web traffic to MasonFinance.com, where future retirees can eliminate costly life insurance premiums through the sale of life insurance policies they no longer want or need. The sell of life insurance, formally referred to as a life settlement can take up to six months but Mason Finance has streamlined the process by providing fast, transparent selling options, and a network of buyers eager to help its clients receive fair value for their policy.

This program could be marketed to customers seeking easy, yet effective measures to avoid costly life insurance premiums by trading in unwanted insurance policies in exchange for a lump sum payment.

Mason Finance Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Life Settlements – Earn commission per lead at MasonFinance.com
Informative Blogs – Page viewers can enhance financial literacy through content posted on the Mason Finance homepage, which offers tips to effectively execute their retirement plan
Critically Acclaimed – Mason Finance has been praised by Investopedia, ThinkAdvisor, and Financial Solutions for its expedience whilst assisting baby boomers and recent retirees

How Do You Benefit From This?
Through the Mason Finance affiliate program, your patrons will have access to tools that appraise their policy in just 60 seconds and subsequently pairs them with licensed policy buyers. Mason Finance currently has received $970 million in qualified policies and offers an average of 24 percent of survivor benefits. Additionally, Mason Finance offers Viatical settlements which differ from life settlements in the sense that the policyholder must be terminally or chronically ill, and settlements can be paid up to 80 percent of the policy’s face value.

Receive Your Retirement Score
By using the retirement calculator at MasonFinance.com, your readers will gain the assurance they need to retire comfortably and confidently. Mason Finance’s retirement calculator compiles information about its customers’ health and financial status to ensure their money will last for the duration of their retirement.

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