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Mason Finance Affiliate Program

Mason Finance is the perfect solution for seniors with unwanted, unneeded, or unaffordable life insurance policies. The two most common reasons that people sell their policies are
1. they can no longer afford their life insurance premiums or
2. they no longer want/need the protection.
We help people turn their existing life insurance policies into a lump sum cash payment that can be used to support retirement, cover medical expenses, pay for long-term care, or literally anything else. Not only does the policyholder get a lump sum cash payment but they also eliminate all future premium payments. Mason Finance is a government licensed direct policy buyer known as a life settlement provider. We have 3 target customers:
1. People aged 70+ with life insurance that they no longer need, want, or can afford
2. People of any age with life insurance battling a severe illness that need additional financial support
3. Caregivers of either 1) or 2) Our online estimate flow is highly optimized for conversion and more than half of the traffic that starts our estimate flow finishes.

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