The PremiumEcigarette affiliate program allows your site traffic to access, the online outlet for one of the leading distributors of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, and related accessories. Electronic cigarettes are an excellent alternative to smoking actual cigarettes, serving as great tools for those wanting to cease the harmful habit.

This affiliate program is optimally marketed to consumers wishing to quit or curtail smoking without losing the flavor or feeling.

PremiumEcigarette Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Cartidges – Earn commissions when users make an online purchase at
Vibrant Marketing Material – Illustrating the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes
Electronic Aficionado – Disposable and rechargeable electronic cigars with premium flavorings

How Can This Benefit You?
Kicking a smoking habit cold turkey may prove difficult or even impossible for some of your audience members, which is why the PremiumEcigarette affiliate program can be quite invaluable for them. Their storefront sells full starter kits loaded with all the essential components, chargers, and accessories needed, plus custom design batteries, cases, cartomizer skins, and more. also sells non-flammable electronic pipes, which provides the quality and taste of regular pipe tobacco over an extended period of time in a both classic and unique flavors.

Odds and Ends
In order to make smoking electronic cigarettes as simple a transition as possible, also sells handy adapters and cleaning kits to keep the devices virtually lit virtually any time of day. They feature car chargers, wall chargers, and USB adapters that support a various e-cig battery models.

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