The Vaporin affiliate program gives your readers an opportunity to purchase the innovative electronic cigarettes sold at There’s no tar, tobacco, combustion, ashes, smoke, or odor to worry about with these items, just socially-accepted vapor and a controlled release of nicotine to feed your fix.

This program is ideally promoted to consumers searching for an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes that eliminates a number of the drawbacks while enhancing the overall experience.

Vaporin Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Cartridges – Earn commissions on sales made at
Engaging Creative – Stylized banners highlighting popular product features
It’s a Start – Starter kits containing batteries, cartomizers, USB chargers, and other electronic cigarette essentials are sold

How Can You Benefit From This?
As education and tragedy amasses following decades of smoking regular cigarettes, many of your audience members are likely considering alternative means to maintain their habit. Through the Vaporin affiliate program, consumers can browse and buy e-cigarettes that come in a number of flavors and cost up to 50% less than the standard cigarettes they’re used to, all without uninviting aromas and other unattractive byproducts. For a small size and big puffs, also sells disposable e-cigarettes- each one offering the approximate equivalent number of puffs as an entire pack of traditional cigarettes.

In the Club
The days of looking cool simply by blowing a puff of smoke are long gone, and the bars and restaurants that tolerate that kind of behavior are fading with them. Vaporin units give smokers that same sensation of a regular drag while respecting new laws and the personal space of those around them.

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