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The SadoTech affiliate program sends your page viewers to, one of the leading manufacturers of weatherproof, wireless doorbells. With the purchase of a SadoTech doorbell, customers will be privy to front door, assisted care, and pet doorbells available to be paired with any combination of receiver, transmitter, and motion sensor. Customizing an alert system has never been easier as SadoTech devices are all wireless and long-range, which affords homeowners the flexibility to set up their devices anywhere around the house.

This program can be marketed to individuals seeking an elaborate, wireless doorbell system which can function as an additional layer of home security, provide peace of mind around assisted care, pet care, and more.

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SadoTech Affiliate Program Advantages
Gone are the days of a doorbell simply serving as a substitution for a knock. Trusted by over 1 million home and business owners in America, the SadoTech Wireless Doorbell is heralded as an exciting, yet inexpensive household item, equipped with a host of functions that can be applied in a variety of settings. Thanks to its versatility, publishers will be afforded the opportunity to promote the various applications of SadoTech products on their site. Through FlexOffers’ Publisher Pro network, publishers will gain entry to tracking links and banners capable of being coupled with the content on their webpage. Publishers joined to SadoTech will also have more time to produce content, as FlexOffers’ experienced team is committed to managing all SadoTech creatives. Upon approval to promote SadoTech, publishers will have the option to keep pace with the affiliate program’s latest updates and commission changes by opting into alerts via Publisher Pro.

More Than Just A Doorbell
Teeming with dozens of groundbreaking features and customizable options, it is no shock that the SadoTech wireless doorbell has been a number one bestseller on Amazon for five years running. Following more than 9,000 amazon reviews SadoTech has earned 4.9 stars out of five stars. This wireless doorbell is a plug-and-play system its users can begin operating in no time flat. Once the chime is plugged into an electrical outlet and the doorbell is attached with adhesive at the front door of the user’s residence, your readers can then choose from over 50 SadoTech doorbell ringtones and select the one that agrees with their auditory preference. SadoTech’s doorbells come in 10 different colors, which permits your patrons to purchase doorbells that match the outdoor aesthetic of their home. These colorful buzzers can also be used as a classroom answer buzzer set. With SadoTech, instructors can organize small groups of students and use the buzzer to answer questions during classroom games. In addition to its doorbells and buzzers, SadoTech also offers alerts and sensors that signal when someone is nearby, enabling consumers to shore up previously existing blind spots around their home or place of business.

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