Share ITEAD and Earn Affiliate Program

Share ITEAD and Earn Affiliate Program

Promoting the Share ITEAD and Earn affiliate program will lead your page patrons to, where they will find a stock of exciting and innovative products from one of China’s biggest electronics markets. ITEAD Studio is an innovative open-source hardware and high-tech solution provider. They specialize in smart home products, HMI displays, PCB/PCBA, 3D printing, Arduino and Raspberry PI hardware, etc. They have their own production lines to provide you with the most competitive and high-quality electronic devices. Their featured services are win-win cooperated service, custom service and smart home solutions.

This program is ideal for new and existing homeowners seeking to upgrade their home systems to create a 21st century habitat.

Share ITEAD and Earn Affiliate Program Benefits:
• Commissionable Cables
– Earn commission on all sales
• Branded Banners – Creatives showcase the latest tools and equipment
• Stay Connected – Less experienced techies can read up on specific products in the Wiki and find project guides via the company blog

How Can This Program Benefit You?
Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to keep up with the smart home trend without breaking the bank. Your web users will be pleasantly surprised knowing they can purchase affordable ITEAD products they can easily install themselves. They won’t stop at just automating the living room or garage with power consumption measurers and wireless light holders either. Entire homes will be running on the latest technology from ITEAD thanks to the Share ITEAD and Earn affiliate program.

Go Go Gadget
In addition to life-changing smart home products, ITEAD also provides power and wireless products, as well as electronic components and circuit boards, making it accessible to all kinds of consumers. Whether your visitor is a computer student, professional engineer, or a confident DIYer, they’ll be sure to find the tools and inspiration for their next big project.

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