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The Advertorial Affiliate Program

The Advertorial affiliate program links your audience to, an online platform for digital media services. This digital service delivers a wide range of resources for both individuals and businesses. The Advertorial takes pride in its marketing and promotional eCommerce platform, which allows customers to utilize a variety of digital services. All content is provided and managed by The Advertorial to ensure content creators are provided with quality products for all of their projects.

This program can be marketed to businesses or business-minded individuals seeking creative solutions to their marketing needs.

The Advertorial Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Media – Earn commission per sale at
Subscribe – Get discounts for various services by subscribing to The Advertorial newsletter
Speedy Delivery – All digital services are delivered on Express Mode, which is suitable for creators on a time-sensitive schedule

How Can You Benefit From This?
Through the utilization of advertorials, your page viewers can promote their brand via native advertising. With a variety of creative options, customers can select services that best suit the needs of each project. This one-stop-shop for digital marketing brings together a pool of resources your audience member will be thrilled to dive right in to. Provide them the tools to give value back to their readers with expert advertorial services. The Advertorial’s top-notch support allows your readership to reach out by phone or email to answer any questions that may arise. Digital marketing should not be a costly endeavor for a small business. Thankfully, the Advertorial provides cost-efficient marketing services ranging from content creation to distribution and placement. At, your web traffic can peruse its “Featured Collection” page for the most popular services provided. This page allows customers to familiarize themselves with its collection of creative marketing options. With 13 categories to choose from, your site visitors will be sure to discover solutions that will help them market their services or products to their target demographic.

Informative Blog Posts
Through The Advertorial’s blog posts, your readers can browse articles about advertorial benefits and how to use them to their advantage. The blogs share great tips on guest blogging methods geared towards increasing traffic on their landing page.

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