TheReadingRoom Affiliate Program

TheReadingRoom affiliate program takes your site visitors to, where they can join other bookish types in sharing their favorite titles and getting recommendations for their next great read. In addition, users can choose from a seemingly endless library of novels and other tomes to spend hours away reading.

This affiliate program is optimally suited for lovers of literature who desire to be part of an online community where they and like-minded individuals can discuss all things books.

TheReadingRoom Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Book Clubs – Earn commissions when a site visitor registers a free account for the first time and does not delete it within 30 days
Expansive Banner Creative – Promoting the large collection of titles carried
Virtual Volumes – eBooks also available for tech-savvy readers

How Can This Benefit You?
It’s undoubtedly frustrating to have a terrific new book and no one interested in hearing about it. To solve that struggle, TheReadingRoom affiliate program allows your audience to become a part of a growing hub of fellow bookworms eager to read and post reviews, recommendations, and other informational tidbits about the most talked-about novels out there. Available genres include fiction, non-fiction, children’s series, young adult, and even middle grade books.

Expert Endorsements
In addition to feedback from the vast number of readers, TheReadingRoom affiliate program also provides reviews from top newspapers frequently relied on for their columnists’ opinions. If community members’ reviews seem slightly fishy, your users can always heed the advice of a professional critic.

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