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A Morningstar Premium membership provides all-access to our industry leading investment research and expertise found on Powered by our more than 250 proudly independent analysts, it helps you find, evaluate, and monitor the investments that best meet your needs while bringing clarity and confidence to your investment decisions.

Where once investors and advisors didn’t have enough investment news and information, today there’s too much. Now you need a filter to identify appropriate investments from the rest, those investments that best fit into your strategies and get you closer to meeting your personal finance goals. We can help with that. By providing the following solutions:

Find New Investment Ideas
From undervalued stocks to portfolio anchors, we’ve assembled the most popular screeners for Premium members so you can immediately browse our best research
Evaluate Investment Ideas
Confident decisions are easy with the proven Premium ratings and valuations from Morningstar’s 150+ analyst-strong team.
Monitor Investments
Investing doesn’t end with selection. Get a comprehensive overview highlighting strengths and weaknesses and where to invest next.
Our Top Investment Picks
We’ve pre-sorted our current top mutual fund, stock, and ETF picks using Morningstar’s proprietary data points and featured them by type and investing goal.

Start a 14-day free trial to find, evaluate, and monitor the investments that best meet your needs.

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