The Motif Investing affiliate program permits your audience access to, a registered online brokerage firm empowering individuals to invest in real-world ideas through researched and balanced portfolios known as motifs. These fully customizable investment portfolios mimic what many of the best global macro hedge fund managers do, with only one low commission and no management fees.

This affiliate program is optimally marketed to people with both novice and expert stock knowledge wishing to invest using multi-asset strategies at low cost.

Motif Investing Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Insight – Earn commissions on completion and submission of brokerage application with valid information and an approved application at
Intriguing Marketing Material – Highlighting various idea-based portfolio investments
Best of Both Worlds – Themed focus with a diversified portfolio of up to 30 stocks

How Can This Benefit You?
Rather than putting all their eggs into a single basket, the Motif Investing affiliate program provides your site visitors with a sizable opportunity to invest soundly across similarly themed stocks for greater potential stability and returns. As people are free to customize their motifs and invest in what inspires them, each individual portfolio is as unique as its investor. Motif Investing offers a simple yet powerful way to harness timeless techniques using intuition to make a potentially great impact.

Aside for the professionally curated investment portfolios offered through the Motif Investing affiliate program, users have the ability to create their own motif from scratch. After choosing up to 30 stocks or ETFs of their choice, users weight their selections and are able to share with friends to get feedback from those they trust.

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