Pitney Bowes Affiliate Program

The Pitney Bowes affiliate program gives your readers access to the proactive communication solutions available via pb.com. The software and equipment they offer advances data organization, postal compliance, secure tracking and other processes that are critical for running a successful business.

This affiliate program is optimally marketed to businesses that wish to make stronger ties with clients through efficient interaction.

Pitney Bowes Affiliate Program Benefits:
• Commissionable Subscriptions – Earn commissions on leads when a customer remains a subscriber for 60 days after completing a free trial via pb.com
Communicative Marketing Creative – Presenting the distribution-enabling products available
Give Me More – Campaign Management through pb.com provides real-time decisioning software as well as Email & Marketing Automation so businesses can better target their audience

How Can This Benefit You?
Any business owner or employee knows that being available for customers is vital to a company’s long term success. The Pitney Bowes affiliate program can be a resource for greater success through customer interaction analytics, communications management and more. In addition to their marketing support, your readers can also shape up their physical office with high volume mail feeders and sealing tabbers.

Move Forward
Your page viewers who are ready to expand their business outside the nation can also deliver seamless ecommerce transactions to overseas customers via pb.com. Their trusted service provides shoppers with the confidence to order, track, and receive parcels quicker.

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