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Vobbie | Crowdfunding Software Affiliate Program

The Vobbie | Crowdfunding Software affiliate program connects your site visitors to vobbie.com, a premium donation software that allows them to easily build their crowdfunding website. Vobbie.com offers a premium and innovative crowdfunding platform that facilitates users turning their ideas into reality through donation pages that reach local and international donors.

This program could be marketed to entrepreneurs and start-up companies looking to raise funds for their business through a dynamic donation page.

Vobbie | Crowdfunding Software Program Benefits:

  • Commissionable Websites– Earn commission per sale at vobbie.com
  • Cost-Esffective Plans– Customers can start their own website by choosing one of the three affordable campaigning packages
  • Fully Customizable Site – Vobbie.com gives consumers the freedom to customize their website based on their unique preferences and what best suits their brand

 How Can You Benefit From This?

While the route to becoming a successful business owner can be a long and winding road, vobbie.com provides effective tools capable of shortening one’s path to success. If your audience members are looking to pitch their business idea to the masses via internet for donations or investment opportunities, then they needn’t look any further than the Vobbie | Crowdfunding Software affiliate program. The Vobbie | Crowdfunding Software affiliate program lets your readers launch a successful crowdfunding campaign for their business idea, product, or venture and start making money online. Vobbie.com is a crowdfunding software that permits your patrons to construct a highly profitable donation site and aids them in their quest to look for reliable partners that will promote their proposal online. Depending on the type of campaign the customer wishes to launch, Vobbie.com offers three different promotional packages. Each package features innovative, cost-effective technology and secured popular payment gateways to ensure funds are donated securely. Moreover, all fundraising campaigns launched with vobbie.com can be shared via multiple social media platforms that enhance its customers’ reach and potential earnings.


Reliable IT Services

Customer Satisfaction is Vobbie.com’s number one priority. Representative of its supreme service is Vobbie.com’s dedicated team of experts ready to assist all customers via email or by phone. Its support team’s primary objective is to help your patron’s construct their new donation website in a manner that helps them secure the success of their institution.

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