Corgi Socks USA Affiliate Program

Corgi Socks USA Affiliate Program

The Corgi Socks USA affiliate program uses only the finest yards to create cotton, wool, and cashmere socks and knitwear collections that are sold in luxury stores the world over. Founded in 1892, Corgi Socks are available in a large number of colors and patterns and are fit to complete any outfit. Sign up with …

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Corgi Socks UK Affiliate Program

The Corgi Socks UK affiliate program makes available hand-knitted wool, cotton and cashmere socks and knitwear for men and women of the very highest quality in the same Carmarthenshire town it was established, Ammanford. Despite its dramatic growth, Corgi maintains the uncompromising commitment to quality that has always been at the heart of the brand. Sign up …

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